Dough Balls and Rice Bowls


The beginning of the week is always a little bitter sweet; there is excitement about what the new week holds, but there is also my desire for the fun, carefree time of the weekend. So, to match my relaxed, yet upbeat attitude, I have been listening to Real Estate’s 2014 album, Atlas.

This past weekend, Tim and I decided to escape the dreary Portland winter weather, and head eastward. We crossed the Cascades and ventured on to Smith Rock on Saturday to enjoy the sun soaked rocks, and try out our new, semi-local, climbing mecca. The trip was well worth the drive. The day was beautiful, and the climbing was just what we needed. We got to the park with a few hours of sunlight left, and were able to get in a few routes before calling it a day-heading to Bend to reward ourselves with a visit to Deschutes Brewery for some good ole local hops.


(clearly I was not ready for this photo-op)


(a shot from the overlook right before the sun set behind the giant rocks at Smith Rock)


(oh, did I fail to mention that we camped in a winter wonderland? Thank goodness for the Catfish.)

Today I am working on the dough for our latest Sourdough experiment. Tim wanted to go back to the Basic Country Loaf Recipe to practice on his shaping techniques, and I had no complaints. I love the simple quality of this bread- an airy and spongey inside, with a crackling outside crust.



But for dinner tonight we are continuing our journey of the Asian Bowl dinners with a Roasted Vegetable Bowl. We have been really into taking advantage of the Public Library’s cookbook selection. For the first two weeks in Portland, we were focused on Indian cuisines, and now we are trying our hand at wholesome and hearty Asian bowls. From Rice to Ramen, we love having everything jammed beautifully together in a single, hand-held container.


(Tim about to feast)

The Process:

Quick pickle the cucumbers

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees.

Mix up some soy sauce, peanut oil, asian pepper sauce, and brown sugar

Slice up a butternut squash, remove the stems of the shiitakes, and the stalks of the broccolini, cover with the roasting sauce.

Roast the vegetables as the brown rice is steaming, then pan fry the rice in sesame oil.

Fry an egg, over easy.

Arrange your bowl to your liking!




Cooking while dancing is what I do…

Welcome to Dancing in the Kitchen! My name is Mary and you have now entered my kitchen. My kitchen is place good times are had and delicious meals are made. I hope you enjoy reading what Tim and I are up to both inside our kitchen and outside in our new home of Portland, OR. Oh, and because I have a constant playlist going on while I cook (and dance), I will be sharing what is in the queue. Hope you Enjoy!